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    Group mettevo
    How it works

    How do we work?

    From concept to reality.


    01 .
    Setting the goals and objectives of the site

    We carry out the preparatory stage: analyse why the client needs a website, what tasks it should solve. All the factors are negotiated with the customer. Our team, in turn, offers fresh and exciting ideas. After the tasks are set, we determine the target audience. It is important to understand who we are dealing with, what the website can offer and how the audience will react to the offer.

    02 .
    Creation of a site design layout

    figma website design agency

    At this stage, we:

    • Form and discuss technical specifications;
    • Develop the structure of the site;
    • Develop its navigation;
    • Create the number of categories and subcategories, their sequence of placement, etc.;
    • The designer draws buttons, banners and other graphic elements.

    03 .
    Website development

    website developer

    What does web development include:

    1. The web developer uses the HTML code to translate the finished design into a working project.
    2. The website gets life.
    3. We make it dynamic, all buttons work.


    Our specialist’s task is to develop complex functions: a calculator, a payment system using bank cards, a currency converter. So, we do everything possible to develop a functional and well-designed website.

    04 .
    Content creation

    seo content agency

    • This is the stage of filling pages with graphic and informational content. We create videos, photos, texts, and other information that the user can see or read.
    • Based on the semantic core, we write SEO articles (if the resource is supposed to be promoted by the SEO method).
    • The content manager places graphic elements in a logical structure.
    • Pages are being optimized internally. Besides, our SMM specialists create and/or develop the customer’s social media pages.
    • Our team creates an SMM strategy to successfully promote the product on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    • We fill the pages with exciting and unique content, attractive pictures and build our audience.

    05 .

    website bug fixing

    Testing plays the most important role in the process of creating a website.

    Stages of websites testing:

    • Functionality testing;
    • Checking the website’s usability  (ease of use);
    • Performance test;
    • Security check;
    • UI testing.


    The work is performed by a tester who monitors the resource’s functionality according to a number of criteria and identifies errors that must be eliminated.

    06 .
    Why choose us?

    We work for the result

    Mettevo’s team has extensive experience in a wide variety of thematic niches in various fields. The approach developed over the years allows us to accurately predict the expected result and give guarantees to the client.



    We do not use templates when developing a project, but we select the right solution for specific tasks. We create unique content and fresh design to keep the client’s site up to date.



    When developing projects, our priority is – testing for safety, reliability and high speed of work.


    Wide range of tools

    Mettevo web agency uses an integrated approach to business promotion in its work. Our team’s main task is to achieve the maximum result within the client’s budget, and the choice of tools we use allows us to do it top notch!

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    We are leaders
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    We are the best team!