You will get complete professional Keyword Research

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starter pack
  • Up to 300 keywords
  • 20 blogs plan
  • Good for small business
  • Delivered in 7 days


standart pack
  • Up to 500 keywords
  • 40 blogs plan
  • good for medium business
  • Delivered in 15 days
advanced pack
  • Up to 1000 keywords
  • 100 blogs plan
  • good for big business
  • Delivered in 15 days


You will get complete Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a way to find out the keywords that are very popular & trendy and are used by your clients. It’s not only about finding the search terms, it’s about understanding your client’s need & recognizing the website keywords that will give you the best return of investment(ROI).


Keywords Research Activities:

1. Industry and Website Analysis
2. Competitor Keywords Analysis
3.Keyword Research, Recommendation


I offer effective keyword research strategies rooted in data and analytics to make you visible in SERPs and take your keyword performance to the next level. With my keyword research service, you can rank the desired keywords for your niche & dominate them as well with other pursuable keywords.