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    Group mettevo

    E-Surgery- Online Pharmacy service

    top surgery
    Developed by Mettevo
    e-surgery mockup 2


    e-surgery mockup

    The purpose of creating the site is to ensure the company’s information presence on the Internet and the provision of online pharmacy services.


    e-surgery mockup

    Roboto, as noted by Google, is modern and exhilarating. The font is available in all formats and is perfect for the site. This works well for long-term screen reading.

    roboto regular


    The main colors are: green, white and yellow.

    ipad mockup


    surgery mockup

    Our idea was to create an easy-to-navigate website that would help potential clients quickly get the information they need. The design is made in associated with medicine tones – green and white, which are perfectly combined with small yellow splashes.