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    SEO Analytics

    Analytics as the First Step to Promotion

    The analysis allows us to determine how well your site fits the search engine ranking algorithms. Mettevo will make your site gets into the TOP queries for your topic!

    Why does your website need SEO analytics?

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    SEO analytics is a set of measures aimed at increasing its position in the search results of Google and other systems for specially selected queries. Their goal is to increase web page visits and, accordingly, conversion actions.

    Benefits of SEO analytics:

    • launch of a sales funnel. In order to get a conversion, you need to tell a potential client about yourself. The site in the first positions has a much higher chance of attracting a visitor than those who are below;
    • interested audience. If a person visits the site on a search issue, it is clear that he is interested in a certain product, and he is at the stage of choosing;
    • audience trust.The high positions can be compared to the prestigious areas in the city. There is a stereotype that successful companies are in the center. The same goes for SEO: if a site is in the TOP, then it is one of the best;
    • savings on advertising. Of course, SEO requires financial investment, but it is more profitable than search advertising in the long run.

    What do we offer?

    idea mettevo
    • analysis of algorithms for ranking search engines to identify key ranking factors, tracking innovations of search engines;
    • analysis of current demand (statistics of search queries, visits to sites in the subject);
    • compiling a list of promoted queries (semantic core);
    • work to improve the site itself (internal optimization);
    • work to increase the citation of the site and the number of its mentions in the network (external optimization);
    • work on the analysis of user behavior on the site and on the SERP pages (improvement of behavioral factors);
    • tracking results (positions on target queries, traffic) and making adjustments to the current work scheme.

    Why choose us?

    mettevo agency

    Reliability. Our employees have more than 5 years of working experience in the field of SEO analytics.

    30+ permanent projects. We have been cooperating with many projects for a long time, providing them with our services in various fields. The traffic of our clients’ sites is constantly increasing.

    Range of services. We provide comprehensive proposals for optimizing your site, content and promoting it in the ranking.

    When choosing Mettevo, you are choosing a happy future for your site.

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