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    How it works


    Engage and entertain.


    How do we develop a social media strategy?

    We analyse in detail who the content is directed to, considering the audience’s average age, gender, and hobbies. This allows speaking the same language with the readers.
    A competitive analysis allows us to understand how to work and what to avoid in a particular area. This gives a clear idea of what the audience expects from the industry.
    Based on a detailed analysis, we create a detailed SMM plan to develop communication with customers. This includes an individual strategy for developing social media pages.
    Following the SMM plan, we will test different strategies to get the best results. Our goal is to interest the user.
    Every week we improve something about content to keep it fresh. We are not going to annoy the visitors with the same content.

    What do we do?

    Maintain brand promotions

    Maintain brand promotions

    Our goal is to make your product recognisable and popular. So, we are actively developing your social networks.

    Produce new content

    Produce new content

    We fill our clients’ social networks with excitiong and useful content to interest users in the product.

    Monitor social media analytics

    Monitor social media analytics

    We analyse social networks in detail in order to create useful content and attract as many followers as possible.

    What do we use?





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