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    WordPress is the engine that powers the whole world! That is why we have put together a team of experts to develop the best WP websites.

    We are a team of qualified developers who are oriented toward the best result. Let the numbers speak for themselves: we’ve created 10+ WordPress extensions for personal customer use, over 250 plugin/theme PHP customizations, and 40+ full-fledged WP websites. Our team is dedicated to developing custom WordPress themes and plugins. We are creative people, ready to share our ideas and bring your intentions to life.

    What do we offer?

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    Our WordPress developers are responsible for both internal and external development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins. We actively use a variety of programming skills, including PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    Mettevo’s developers also adhere to an understanding of aesthetics, paying attention to the arrangement of elements on the screen, selecting colors, fonts and more.

    We offer:

    • Development and implementation of new features and functions.
    • Website architecture creation and management.
    • Help to develop an effective, responsive design and turn it into a working theme and plugin.
    • Ensuring high performance and availability, as well as managing all technical aspects of the CMS.

    Why are we working with WordPress?

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    More than 80% of all websites on the Internet are created with WordPress. It is a popular platform with many advantages for creating unique websites:

    • Simplicity and convenience of customizing the appearance of the blog.
    • The intuitive interface of the admin panel.
    • Easy to add new notes and pages to your website.
    • Simple text formatting toolbar.
    • Convenient system of widgets for adding new interface elements.
    • Numerous plugins.
    • Full control over blog users

    Why choose us?

    mettevo agency

    Qualified team. Our developers have spent over 40,000 hours working on WordPress. We have created over 40 great websites from scratch and continue to evolve with modern technology.

    Fresh ideas. We know how to create exclusive plugins for our clients and always offer our own views on the site’s design and functionality.

    Speed optimization.We pay great attention to website load speed, as this plays a key role in its promotion.

    Lots of services. We offer a wide range of services at your discretion, in addition to website development. Thus, you do not need to contact another agency, but you can get a comprehensive promotion on our website.

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