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    Group mettevo
    How it works

    Web Development

    Building your success online.


    How do we create websites?

    Following the design, we define the scope and complexity of the work. We clarify all the details for a more clear definition of the work schedule.
    Our experts translate design layouts into an interactive, browser-readable form. We write code that makes the web page “alive”.
    At this stage of work, the programmer converts the layout design into specialised CMS theme files. Each admin panel has its own file, so the approach to the conversion of an HTML template may vary.
    After filling the site, we check its functioning: display and output of elements, the correctness of pagination, the functioning of filters and sorts, and others.

    What do we do?

    HTML coding


    HTML coding

    First, we write the structure of the future project based on the layout. Then we style the building blocks. After that, we work on the smaller parts of the layout.

    Create an adaptive version

    adaptive version

    Create an adaptive version

    Website adaptation for mobile devices significantly increases the website’s visibility in mobile search results.

    Implementation of functionality

    implementation of functionality

    Implementation of functionality

    Our specialists help to think over the site’s functionality. We develop or modify the pages' functionality while writing the program codes.

    What do we use?


    VS Code