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Anastasia Melnyk

How to come from management and design to SEO and fall in love with your job? Our colleague Anastasia can tell you about this Anastasia is from Zaporizhia. She received her education in the specialty of management. After the university, she tried to work as a manager, but she did not like it Later, Anastasia decided to take design courses, which became her first step toward the IT industry. But still, she did not stop looking for something new for herself Last year, we recruited junior SEO specialists to the team, whom we wanted to train based on our real experience and cases, and not on universal and outdated practices. Anastasia was one of the candidates, and we saw potential in her She chose SEO because she was interested in how to correctly display sites in the top search engines, solve technical problems, and track traffic. It was new for her, and the unknown always draws to itself During her work at Mettevo, Anastasia has grown as a specialist. She always takes her work very seriously, so we gladly trust her with new projects Most of all, Anastasia likes to contribute to business development and help clients in this way. She also likes our young and progressive team, with whom she communicates every day Today, Anastasia's biggest dream is for Ukraine to win the war. She wants us to return to peaceful life as soon as possible. Now, this worries our teammate the most

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