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Beat Free AI Website Builders 2024

Kate Sheveriaieva
May 15, 2024
Beat Free AI

Gone are the days when building a site required mastering complex coding languages. Today, AI-powered site constructors are revolutionizing the game. It makes it possible for anyone to create a professional-looking site. And no coding experience is necessary!

These innovative platforms leverage AI to streamline the design process, generate layouts, suggest content, and create images based on your preferences.

This guide explores the best free AI website builders of 2024. It will equip you with the knowledge to choose the perfect platform. So you can have a stunning online presence without straining your budget.

What Are AI Website Builders?

AI site constructors are a new breed of site creation platforms. Those leverage the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and expedite the process. Here's a breakdown of what sets them apart:

  • Automated Design. Forget spending hours choosing from pre-made templates. AI constructors use your industry, TA, and brand preferences. It's to generate unique site layouts that are appealing and functionally sound.
  • Content Curation. Struggling to write compelling site copy? AI can analyze your industry and competition. AI suggests relevant keywords and generates content outlines for your website.
  • Smart Image Creation. Finding the right images can be a challenge. Some AI constructors integrate with image generation tools. It allows you to create high-quality, unique visuals. Those perfectly complement your site's design and message.
  • Simplified Editing. AI doesn't stop at creation. These platforms often feature intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces. Those make it easy to customize your layout, add functionalities, and refine the look and feel.
  • Real-Time Feedback. Certain AI constructors offer AI-powered assistants. Those analyze your site and provide suggestions for improvement. It ensures your site is optimized for both user experience and search engines.

Benefits of Using an AI Website Generator

AI site generators offer a plethora of advantages. It makes them an attractive option for individuals and businesses alike:

  • Cost-Effective. Forgo the hefty fees of hiring a web developer. AI builders provide a budget-friendly solution. It allows you to create a professional site without breaking the bank.
  • Speed and Efficiency. Gone are the days of lengthy development cycles. AI streamlines the process. It enables you to build a site in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.
  • Accessibility for Everyone. No coding knowledge is required! AI builders cater to users of all technical backgrounds. It makes site creation accessible to anyone with a vision.
  • Personalized and Unique Design. Ditch the generic template look. AI website generators tailor the design to your specific needs and brand identity. It ensures your site stands out from the crowd.
  • Content Creation Assistance. Overcome writer's block. AI can suggest relevant content, generate outlines, or even write drafts. It helps you craft a compelling message for your audience.
  • SEO Optimization Potential. Some AI constructors offer features that can improve your site's search engine ranking by recommending SEO-friendly keywords and content strategies.
  • Simplified Maintenance. Updating your site is a breeze. AI constructors often have user-friendly interfaces. Those make adding new content, images, and functionalities a smooth process.

How to Use AI to Build a Website?

AI site constructors offer a user-friendly approach to creating your online presence. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  • Choose Your AI. Research and compare different AI site constructors. Consider features, pricing plans, ease of use, and design aesthetics that align with your vision.
  • Provide Basic Information. Once you've chosen your platform, provide the AI with some project information. It includes the type of site (retail, portfolio, blog, etc.), industry, and TA.
  • Leverage AI Design Assistance. Many AI constructors offer AI-powered design tools. These can generate site layouts based on your preferences and industry best practices. You can customize these layouts further by choosing fonts, colors, and image styles.
  • Craft Your Content with AI Support. Don't be afraid to use AI writing assistants when considering how to use AI to build a website. These tools can analyze your industry and competition. They suggest keywords and generate content outlines, introductions, or even full drafts. It's to jumpstart your site's copy. Remember to edit and personalize the AI-generated content. It's to ensure it reflects your unique brand voice.
  • Explore AI Image Creation. Some platforms integrate with image generation tools. Describe the visuals you need. And the AI can create unique, high-quality images. Those will perfectly complement your site's design and message.
  • Customize and Edit. AI constructors typically come with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces. It allows you to easily edit the pre-generated layouts, add functionalities like contact forms or booking systems, and fine-tune your site's overall look and feel.
  • Publish and Get Feedback. Once you're happy with your site, it's time to publish it! Many AI constructors offer built-in domain registration and hosting services. You can also connect your site to a third-party hosting provider. Use the AI's feedback tools or gather feedback from others. It's to identify areas for improvement and keep your site up-to-date.

AI Website Generator vs. Traditional Website Building

The landscape of site creation has evolved.  While traditional methods still merit, AI site generators offer a compelling alternative. Let's explore the key differences to help you decide which approach best suits your project.

AI Generator:Traditional Building:
Accessibility. Ideal for beginners and users with no coding experience.Speed and Efficiency. A streamlined process allows for quicker site creation.Cost-Effectiveness. Budget-friendly option compared to hiring a web developer.Personalized Design. AI tailors design to your brand and industry, leading to unique sites.Content Assistance. AI website constructors help overcome writer's block, suggesting content and generating drafts.SEO Potential. Some platforms offer features to optimize your site for search engines.Simplified Maintenance. User-friendly interfaces make updating your site easy.
Full Customization. Offers complete control over every aspect of design and functionality.Creative Freedom. Allows you to translate your unique vision into a one-of-a-kind site.Content Ownership. You have complete control over the content and its messaging.SEO Optimization Flexibility. Provides greater control over search engine optimization strategies.
Limited Customization. It offers some control. However, customization options might be more restricted compared to traditional methods.Reliance on AI Design. It may not fully capture your specific creative vision.Content Quality. AI-generated content might require significant editing for a perfect fit.
Steeper Learning Curve. Requires knowledge of coding languages like HTML and CSS.Time Commitment. Building a site without an AI website generator can be a lengthy process.Cost Potential. Hiring a web developer can be expensive, especially for complex projects.Maintenance Challenges. Updating a site built traditionally may require technical knowledge.

AI site generators are great for a quick, user-friendly, and budget-conscious solution. Traditional site-building might be preferable if complete control and design are paramount. Consider a hybrid approach if you have some technical knowledge but value speed and affordability. AI will be used for the initial design. And then customize further with traditional methods.

Best Free AI Website Builders of 2024

The world of free AI site constructors is brimming with innovative platforms empowering anyone to create a stunning online presence. Here's a curated list of the top free options in 2024. 

Remember, free plans often come with limitations. They are storage space, bandwidth, and branding restrictions. Upgrading to paid plans typically unlocks extra features and customization options and removes branding.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence)

The key features: 

  • Strengths. Wix ADI stands out for its user-friendly interface and exceptional speed. Answer a few questions about your purpose and target audience. And Wix ADI will generate a beautiful, mobile-responsive site in minutes. It boasts a vast app market for adding functionalities and offers a free domain name for the first year.
  • AI Features. Leverages AI to create personalized layouts. It suggests content ideas and recommends images based on your industry.
  • Limitations. It offers some customization options. However, this free AI website builder's free plan limits design flexibility compared to paid ones.

Dorik AI

The key features: 

  • Strengths. Dorik AI is a dedicated AI site constructor known for its exceptional ease of use. Simply enter your site's name and keywords. And Dorik generates a professional-looking site with high-quality images. It offers a free SSL certificate for secure connections and integrates with social media platforms.
  • AI Features. Dorik uses AI to craft complete site layouts. It includes text content and images based on your initial input.
  • Limitations. Dorik AI's free plan comes with limited customization options and branding removal. Upgrading unlocks full design control and removes branding restrictions.

10Web AI Website Builder

The key features: 

  • Strengths. 10Web caters to businesses and individuals seeking to build multiple sites. Its AI features streamline the process while offering robust design control. This one of the best AI website builders integrates with various marketing tools. It also provides SEO suggestions for improved site ranking.
  • AI Features. 10Web utilizes AI. It generates content ideas, suggests design elements, and analyzes your site for SEO.
  • Limitations. The free plan offers basic features with limited customization options. Upgrading unlocks advanced design tools and allows connecting more than one domain.

Appy Pie Website Builder

The key features: 

  • Strengths. Appy Pie offers a free plan with a surprising amount of functionality. You can create a site with various features. It includes contact forms, galleries, and social media integration. It provides multilingual support and allows easy site management through its mobile app.
  • AI Features. It's not as comprehensive as other options. However, this one of the best AI website builders offers AI-powered design suggestions and basic content recommendations.
  • Limitations. The free plan displays Appy Pie branding on your site and limits storage space. Paid plans unlock premium features and remove branding.

Zyro Website Builder

The key features: 

  • Strengths. Zyro is popular for its beginner-friendly interface and drag-and-drop editing tools. The free plan allows the creation of a basic site with essential functionalities. Those are contact forms and galleries. It offers a free SSL certificate and integrates with various marketing tools.
  • AI Features. Zyro utilizes AI to suggest relevant keywords and content ideas during site creation.
  • Limitations. The free plan comes with limited storage space and bandwidth, and it restricts the connection of a custom domain. Upgrading unlocks additional features and removes branding.

Hi️ (Beta)

The key features: 

  • Strengths. Hi️ is a unique AI tool that generates clean, semantic HTML code based on your design preferences. Provide a sketch or wireframe of your site layout. And this AI HTML generator translates it into well-structured HTML code. It will be ready for further customization using CSS.
  • AI Features. Hi️ leverages AI to analyze your design input and generate corresponding HTML code. It streamlines the coding process for developers and designers.
  • Limitations. Hi️ is currently in beta and has limited functionalities. It doesn't generate CSS or handle complex site interactions.


The key features: 

  • Strengths. Jimdo offers a user-friendly platform with a helpful AI assistant. Answer questions about your site's purpose and target audience. Then, Jimdo Dolphin creates a personalized site layout complete with content suggestions. It boasts a generous free plan with ample storage and bandwidth.
  • AI Features. Besides AI building of a website, you can also generate layouts, content ideas, and get recommended colors. The AI assistant also offers ongoing site analysis and optimization suggestions.
  • Limitations. The free plan displays Jimdo branding on your site and limits connecting a custom domain. Upgrading unlocks full design control and removes branding restrictions.

Google Sites 

The key features: 

  • Strengths. Google Sites is a simple and free site constructor from Google. It's not as feature-rich as other options. However, it excels at creating basic sites with a focus on content. It integrates seamlessly with other Google services like Drive and Docs. It makes collaboration and content management a breeze.
  • AI Features. Google Sites offers some AI-powered functionality through integration with Google Search. As you build your site, it suggests relevant keywords and content ideas. It's to improve your site's search engine ranking.
  • Limitations. Google Sites offers limited design flexibility and customization options. It's if it's compared to dedicated site constructors. It's best suited for creating basic, content-driven sites.


The key features: 

  • Strengths. This free AI website builder has a feature-rich free plan and user-friendly interface. It offers various functionalities like online stores, booking systems, and SEO tools. Webnode integrates with social media platforms. It provides a free SSL certificate for secure connections.
  • AI Features. Webnode leverages AI to analyze your site. It suggests improvements in design, content, and SEO. It also offers AI-powered image editing tools for customizing visuals.
  • Limitations. The free plan displays Webnode branding on your site and limits storage space. Upgrading unlocks premium features and removes branding.

Choosing the Perfect Free AI Website Builder

Consider your site's needs, tech skills, and desired level of customization. For a quick and user-friendly solution, use Wix ADI and Dorik AI Excel. If you seek a robust platform with marketing tools and SEO suggestions, 10Web AI might be ideal. Hi offers an intriguing option for users with some coding knowledge.


The world of AI websites and HTML generators has undergone a revolution. AI site constructors empower anyone to craft a professional-looking site. This guide explored the top constructors, highlighting their strengths, AI features, and limitations.
Whether you seek a user-friendly solution or a platform offering SEO, it doesn't matter. There's an AI constructor perfectly suited to your needs. Embrace the power of AI. Unleash your creativity. And build a site that makes a lasting impression!

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