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Tips to Add Call Button on Website – HTML Code

Kate Sheveriaieva
May 14, 2024

A user-centric website is no longer a privilege in today's digital landscape. It's a requirement. It acts as your online storefront, portfolio, or contact hub. Visitors appreciate clear instructions. Compelling calls to action (CTAs) bridge the gap between browsing and action. They nudge visitors towards your goals, be it a sale, a download, or initiating contact.

But a well-designed call button on a website isn't just about the text. It's about creating a visual element that entices visitors to click. This article dives deeper than just the importance of CTAs. It empowers you to craft a clickable "call us" button using fundamental HTML code. 

Why Do You Need to Add CTA to the Website?

A call to action is a clear and concise message. It prompts website visitors to take a specific action. CTAs are essential for several reasons:

  • Increased conversions. A well-placed call to action can significantly increase the number of visitors who take the desired action. It could be anything from making a phone call and filling out a form to subscribing to a service or downloading an ebook.
  • Improved user experience. Website call buttons provide clear directions to visitors. It helps them navigate the website and understand what they should do next. A well-designed site shouldn't leave users wondering what to do after they've finished reading your content.
  • Enhanced brand message. Effective CTAs reinforce your brand message by highlighting the value proposition you offer. For instance, a call button that says "Get a Free Consultation" reinforces your expertise and willingness to help clients.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a Call Button on Your Website

Unleash the conversion power of your website! This handy guide takes the mystery out of adding a call button. With a few lines of basic HTML code for click-to-call, you'll be well on crafting a user-friendly click-to-call experience.  

Follow our step-by-step instructions and watch your website transform into a lead-generating machine. It will foster stronger connections with potential customers and boost conversions.

Access Your Website Editor

The first step involves accessing the platform where you edit your website content. It could be the backend interface of a website builder. They are Wix or Squarespace. Also, use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. Or use the raw editor for HTML code for click-to-call.

Locate the Desired Placement

Decide where you want your call button to appear on your website. Here are some strategic placements to consider:

  • Header. A prominent position at the top of every page is ideal for capturing immediate attention. It's especially for visitors who are likely ready to take action.
  • Hero Section. The hero section is the banner area at the top of your landing page. It typically features a captivating image or video and key messaging. A well-placed call button within the hero section can capitalize on user interest. The call button on the website encourages immediate contact.
  • Body Content. Consider placing call buttons throughout the body content of relevant pages. It is particularly near the conclusion where you've hopefully addressed the user's pain points and offered a solution.
  • Footer. A more subtle placement that ensures the button is always visible. It's regardless of the user's scroll position. It is a good option for websites where phone inquiries may not be the primary conversion goal, but it is still valuable for some visitors.

Implement the HTML Code

Once you've chosen the placement, you can implement the call button code. Click to call HTML code:

<a href="tel:YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER">Call to Action Text</a>

  • Replace "YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER" with your actual business phone number. Important! Omit any spaces, dashes, or parentheses.
  • Replace "Call to Action Text" with the text you want displayed on the button. It should be clear, concise, and action-oriented. For example, "Call Us Now," "Get a Free Consultation," or "Speak to an Expert." The CTA text should reflect the benefits users will receive by calling you.

Customize the Button (Optional)

The basic click-to-call HTML code provides functionality. However, you can customize its appearance further using CSS styling. It allows you to adjust the color, size, font style, and other visual elements. It's to match your design and create a cohesive user experience.

Test and Publish

So, you've added the code and (optionally) applied styling. Now, save your changes and test the functionality on different devices. Ensure the button is clickable and directs users to initiate a call when clicked. Finally, publish your website changes to make the call button live.

Additional Tips for Effective Call Button Implementation

Here are some additional tips to optimize the website call button for better results:

  • Strong Call to Action Text. As mentioned earlier, the text displayed on your call button is crucial. Use strong action verbs like "Call Now," "Get Started," or "Schedule a Demo." They communicate the desired action.
  • Contrasting Color Scheme. Choose button colors that stand out from your website's background. It ensures optimal visibility. Consider using contrasting color combinations for a better user experience.
  • Button Size and Placement. Make sure your call button is large enough. It must be easily clickable on all devices, including smartphones. As discussed earlier, strategic placement also plays a significant role in effectiveness.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design. Ensure your call button is responsive and functions seamlessly across various devices. It's particularly smartphones and tablets.
  • Track and Analyze Performance. Monitor the performance of your call button using website analytics tools. Track click-through rates (CTRs) to gauge user engagement and identify areas for improvement. Conduct A/B tests of different designs and placements of call buttons on the website. It helps optimize for better results.


Adding a call button to your website is a simple yet impactful way to encourage phone inquiries. Follow the steps outlined in this guide and incorporate the additional tips. Then, you can create effective call buttons that drive conversions and boost your business. Remember, a well-designed call button not only encourages user action. It also reflects your brand's professionalism and commitment to customer service. So, add a call button to your website today, and watch your phone start ringing!

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